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drawing previews (2001)


New member
Hi Everyone,

I know this question is not strictly a modelling issue, but didn't really know where to post it!! Can anyone explain this, since using 2001 I haven't been able to get previews of drawings before opening, but I received files off some colleages in Germany and am able to see a preview of their work before hand, they are using the same version etc and the files are of .drw extension and am a bit confused. Any help on the matter would be greatly appreciated.




New member
rob1wal...a summary from the PTC/USER Exploder I posted...

Maybe I'll log a case with PTC - not sure what good it will do if our Guru community is experiencing the same problem and can't seem to rectify it as well.


I have ensured part files have been saved in release 18.0 or higher and assemblies in release 20 or higher and my shade_model_display config option is set to shading_low but I still can't preview items in Commonspace via the File Open dialog box.

Any ideas on what may be the problem?

Pro - 2001 - 2002430

Ilink - 3.2 - 2002270

No. We can view files about 2/3 the time. We don't know why we can sometimes, and can't other times. Tech support says, You can't view older files. But our files aren't old. That's just their blanket comment.

Did you convert from Pro/PDM. Check out the following TAN

I have noticed the same thing on our installation.

ProE - 2001 - 2003010

Ilink - 3.2 - 2002270

I was wondering if I had something setup wrong in ILink or if it was a bug. Objects preview okay when opening them from the Workspace just not the Commonspace. I just have not had time to investigate this issue. Have you had any contact with PTC regarding this?

I don't believe that Commonspace preview is available with Pro/E 2001 and Ilink 3.2. You should be able to preview workspace objects if you have properly set shade_model_display, those objects have been saved since

changing that setting, and the objects are not family table instances.

I had another problem, and the PTC support guy said to never set the shade_model_display to shading_low. Use anything but. Also, We use... save_drawing_picture_file embed and

save_model_display shading_lod

Brad Hacker

ME CAD Admin

Zebra Technologies Corp.


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