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Drawing Lines in the Exploded Assembly


New member

I am making a menu. I want to add some lines on my exploded assembly drawings to show parts "assembly direction", like I did in AUTOCAD in isolated view. Is any one can tell me how to do it? Any helps are highly appreciated.



New member
I would recomendusing to the view manager->explode tab->pick->exploded stat->edit explode->offset lines. if your on Wild fire


New member
ya they are right.

i think yx2002 can use offset lines in e explodestate for defining such lines.it will work.if u r a 2000i2 /2001 user ,in the assembly u can go to explode state and under the redefine section select the exploded view and go for offset line.u can get it.



New member
If lines has to be shown as centerline, go to SHOW/ERASE dialog box and
select centerline option, check radio button View and select the
exploded view. All the centerlines will be displayed. Now select the
button 'Sel To Keep' and select the centerline you need to keep and
show the sequence of assembly. The centerline can be dragged either way
to all the parts in that direction.