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drawing is fragmented

Uni Phil

New member
I trying to place a part into a clean drawing but for some reason when i go to each views properties and change to no-hidden or hidden I loose alot of visible edge definition.

I've tried to adjust the scale but that had no effect.

Why is this.

I'm using WF SE by the way.

Uni Phil

New member
Everything has been done using solids; I'm not sure what you meant by edge display though!

I have found that the actual solid model looks quite wierd when you zoom out though. There seems to be gaps but when you zoom up close the gaps go away.

Could this be a flaw in my graphics card or is it how I've constructed the model.

Cheers for looking people


New member
Visual display of edges will not be good until you change the Edge Quality from the default Medium to High or Very High. In 2001 the choice is View>Display Settings>Model Display>Edge/Line and change the quality. Another factor in how edges are displayed depends upon the accuracy you are using. I would not suggest changing accuracy unless absolutely necessary.

Maybe the reason your tangent edges are not displaying properly is you have geom checks. The way to possibly fix it is to change the accuracy to something higher. If your model is good all should be well.


New member
i agree.. i use to have complex surface modeling on a product.. the drawing also not showing some edge on the solid.. after check , there are geometry error on the modeling,.