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Drawing format


New member
Hello all,

Does anyone have a good example as to how to create a drawing format?

I want to place parametric notes to have them filled as I retrieve the format.

Surely I am intersted how do I create the frame of the format.

Just sketching it and then bringing the sketch in the drawing would not work.

We chnage the company logo as well so that should be in the title block and change with the sixe of the format as well.




New member
I started mine with curves created in the format itself. You already know the size that you want. Just start a new format, pick the size and start adding curves. When you get to the lower right corner, you'll need to have an idea of what the title block will look like. Create a table with the parameters already added and place it in that corner. Same holds true for the revision block. Your company logo can be placed in the title block, I was never succesful in placing it in my table cell.

Steve C


New member
Thanks Steve,

I got all the info I needed. It's in the PTC's KB .

One has to start a new Format, and from there is just work.