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Drawing Format Printing Issues


New member
I am having issues plotting an A size of a certain drawing format. More specifically I can plot an A size of with format X, but when I try to plot with format Y, the image is shifted off the page. Has anyone run into a similar problem and if so how did you get around it? Thanks in advance for your help.

I have seen this problem in the past with one of the old versions...maybe it was i^2? We were able to deal with it by entering an offset distance in the specific direction in one of the menus of the print process. Sorry, I can't tell you the specific window. This PC I'm on doesn't have Pro on it.
hi,Mike,can you tell me them which material it stand :C.R. STEEL 16GA,it is the Americal standard,I'm from China,so the standards are diffirent,can you help me,thank you very much!
this problem is due to the format creating method which i'm still working on it.. the problem i face is some how the same.. when you create a new format, there'll be a rectangle which defines your paper size.. you'll need to create your format within this rectangle and what you print will be in the center of the printed format.. now my problem is that this rectangle represents the paper size but not the printable margin.. i'd appreciate if there's any way to determine the printable area of specific printer in a format.. and how to import a format from a dxf file exactly in the center of the format.. at the moment, i'm using trial print and error to correct the offsets of imported formats... thanks...



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