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drawing files


can drawing files be merged?

ie.. i have a simple assembly of 3 parts

1 base parts and 2 otheres connected to it.

the way i fiqure it. i can create...

1) 1 drawing file. with all the assmbly and 3 parts in it.


2) create 4 sperate files... 1 assembly drawing and 3 drawing part files

i pose the question if i do it the 1st way. can i then later extract individualy drawing sheets into drawing files?


if i do it the 2nd way. can i then merge all the drawing files into one file?

i ask this as .. if ur thinking larger scale. a assembly 100+ items. then loading up each file and printing is very time consuming. and pro-batch doesnt seem to like our non sql printer. also its the fact that u need to know exacty which files ur printing.

while with the single drawing file idea then u could simple load up all ur major assemblys ( or sub assemblies) and print them off with the click of a single button.

2001 version


PuPpEt with no stringS


Both ways are possible:

method #1: merge the drawings as mekaneck suggests

method #2: 'Save-As' the drawing 4 times. Then open each drawing and remove views/sheets/models/tables that are not required for each particular drawing. Don't forget to delete the MODEL from each drawing, or it will still be tied to all the models (even those not displayed in a view).



ok merge is great.

but i lose the &model_name. all the sheets are now the same model name. kinda annoying

i am by passing this by using a parameter to pass down the model name and then displaying it via the format which is a little bit of a pain. Anyone know any other ways?

also for some reason i can not include revision numbers.

&pdmrev i even put it in a table.. but that didnt work either. anyone know what can be done?

i can go back to simply adding new pages and adding models and then detailing them in the assembly drawing .. but that sucks :p

passing parameters seems by best option. anyone have any ideas?


You can get all the parameters to pass to the drawing format. Be sure to set the active model to the one you want before adding the drawing format. Otherwise, you will have to go in and edit the text to change the model ID tags.

Overall, I find it much better practice to make every part a seperate drawing. I always save a postscript file of every drawing for 2 reasons: 1) I can look & print at the postscript file a lot faster than firing up Pro & 2) If something happens to the drawing (like a model gets renamed or somebody changes a part) I have a record to refer to.


how do u save as a postscript file? i mean what do u use to do it . and what settings to you use?.. i remember doing it once long ago.. but the steps elude me.

i remember having a problem with printing to postscript. The scale was always wrong, datams where always displayed. and it was always solid lines.


New member
how do u save as a postscript file?

>use the save to file option form the print dialogue box.

one way is to change your config so that datum(s) do not show.

and to change the line setup for no hidden etc.!

then use pro batch to batch process the drawings into either plt or ps files. then dump them in a folder and let adobe distiller or ghostscript them into pdf files..... pdf files can be extracted or merged together....all drawing parameters will be the same as you would expect....

By the way...you can open the drawings in retrieve drawing in view only mode this will open high levle assys etc in a split second allowing you to convert to either ps or plt. no regeneration...

the whole thing can be done very swiftly....there is a config option again for retrieve drawing in view only modethough.


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