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Drawing: detailed view, hatching appears next to section


New member
Hi all,

I have this strange situation in Wildfire that I have never encountered in 2000i2:

- I have a drawing with a general view on sheet#1

- I have a drawing view that is a projection of the general view with a section.

- I moved this section view to sheet #2 of my drawing.

- I created a detailed view of this section view.

I now notice that the cross hatching appears next to the section itself in the detailed view.

The attached picture will show you better than I can explain:

View attachment 164

Anybody got a clue what could cause this, or is this a plain bug..?

Kind regards



save your drawing as it is now

close your drawing

erase it from memory

open it again

all is ok now.

dont ask me .... sometimes wildfire does it... in case we have forget that bugs in wildfire never dies......



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