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drawing crashes when plotting


New member
i have a drawing of a component w/ 13 views. some are general, detail, sections, etc.. when i try to print it to a PDF file creator it crashes, blue screen and memory dump.. i'm running 2001 2002270 on a P3 800 w/ 512 ram, Windows 2000, Intralink 3.2.. this is the only drawing out of the 20 drawing set that does this.. it also is the biggest w/ the most views.. i did have to go through and fix the origin points...

Try printing with the Destination set to Generic Postscipt and checking To File. Give the file a .ps extension. Open this file using your PDF file creating program (Adobe Distiller works really well) then save the file as a pdf.

If the program you are using cannot convert ps to pdf there are other programs that do.
dear friend ,in printer mode go for processing in computer rather then in printer although it will display message that printing may take longer time but in reality it does not ,just try ..


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