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New member
dear friends, can you tell me how to create the draft by using neautral curve method. I know to create draft by Neutral plane. Please explain me with a good example by sending prt file to this E-mail id: [email protected]. bye from satish kumar. waiting for your help.

i can understand ur eagerness to learn Pro/E(incidentally i was also trained by infocad,Greece). If u have observed, ur the only one who keeps posting basic questions. I am sure u must have access to the Pro/E help system and online books or atleast manuals and training material.

Please try to ask questions which are not commonly found in the above mentioned sources, so that most of us can benefit from them.I am just curious to know ur qualification and experience.

Please do not think that i am discouraging you from asking questions. My only advice on others' behalf is to ask mature and genuine questions.
Hi sukhdev,

Let the man to ask, everybody was beginer one time ago!

Maybe he don't have acces on info/help/etc..
sukhdev this is not a reasonable ansewer.How can he ask mature & genuine questions if he doesn't know the basics .Remember the days when u were begining to learn pro/e.Any how satish i'll send u a part as soon as possible.


i m a pro/e novice and i m mailing for the first time.

I have a problem in making a pattern.

Actually , i m trying to make a pattern(angular) of the cylinder on the top of a circular disc but till now i m unsuccessful.

but i created a pattern of hole on the disc successfully.

plz help me out of it




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