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Draft to Part link


New member
Hi everybody,
I read some topics about the link between the Part and the Draft in generative drafting, but I have the problem of how to navigate this link. Is there the possibility to get geometrical infos about a feature (available in part environment) when you are in drafting environment? I mean, from a view of the draft of a part can I navigate the link between the draft and the corresponing part in order to get the depth or other dimensions of the feature?
Thank you very much, Paolo
Hey Paolo-

I may be misunderstanding what you need, but when I'm trying to get geometrical data from a part while I'm in a draft, I usually try to make reference constraints in the part and then link to the constraints through the tree.

Let me know if this helps and if not I'll try to get my head around it again.

Probably I have not explained well what my problem is: in programming terms, from an object in the drafting environment (e.g. a circle representing an hole) I would be able to navigate the link between that circle and the corresponding hole in the part environment, in order to get infos not available in 2D environment (as the depth of the hole) but available in the corresponding object in 3D env. I don't know whether or not it could be possible...
Thanks, Paolo