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Draft Datums

No. When I try to pick my draft items to add, I cannot select them. I thought that I used to be able to do this in previous versions. I'm currently using 2002.
All other types of draft entities such as text and sketched lines can be related to the view. The only one Proe doesn't want to let me do is a datum that has been added to the drawing from Insert, Draft Datum in drawing mode.
Also a correction. I mistyped what version I am using. I'm on 2001 and I thought I was able to do this in 2000i2.
You got me because I created Datum Plane in Drawing and moves with the all View. Is Datum attach to something?
Try creating a draft datum. Your creating an actual datum that shows up as a feature in the part your working on. Draft datums have no parametric qualities and do not show up in the part. They are like a line that you sketch in the drawing. They are only cosmetic.


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