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Does somebody of all of you work in the area of auto parts


New member
Do you build retail or oem?

If you are oem how do you put your drawing grids in S oriented xsections for ISIR? I have a workaround but it would be nice to here other options.

I have been doing oem surfacing for about two years now using isdx. I do mostly exterior but I have worked on interior as well. The majority of the work I do is injection molded parts.



New member
Hi Speling,

What is you accuracy request from original to final part?

In my thinking i will try to scan bottom side and outside contur (- that only to have some orientation boundary).

After that of course u know, a little styling.



New member
Ok, Speling

Your Ideea is good for assembling two separate parts in one.

for move in asm, of course u can translate, rotate, but if u want to have more options u can try first one approx. asm, and after that use surface-> transform for one of parts.

On transform surf. u can also move/rotate, mirror etc.

One another idea, before u scan u can make on simple jig for orientation of part in both positions.

If u have one jig for both positions (for CMM/scan) u will know with pretty good acc. the position of both parts in asm.

same ... Adrian



New member
one device for fixing your part during your scaning process.

but your device u can fix your part in both positions -> normal and upside-down, and maybe one ... let's say hole for origin.

In this way you will know distances from both parts and center


New member
ok, Speling ... let ask you from where are u?

maybe u can write on email... for moment I wil give one email which I used for this forum: [email protected]

after that I will give my personal mail address. And I will be glad to hear about you anytime.

well about this post ... is on my taste, nothing about ... How to make one angular datum? or How to make one pattern? :))))


New member
I will put my spoiler on the desk (cnc machine) in next two or tree days - :)

I am interested how much will you ask


New member
So you are aftermarke then. Thats cool you get a little more freedom that way. I spend my days making things fit into existing brands and using someone elses form language.

Not very creative but it is challenging.

I wouldnt mind seeing some of your work if you ever get a chance to post it somewhere.