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Does anyone use CATIA with DualCore proc?


New member
Hello !

I am using CATIA V5R10 on 3-years old DELL
machine with AMD Athlon 2000+ and 2 GB RAM.
I am moving to CATIA V5R16 soon, and I want
to ask if that version make use of DualCore
technology. I think about AMD Athlon 64x2 4800+
or two AMD Opteron DualCore 2xx series (on
TYAN board with 8 GB RAM).
I need efficient PC to run FEA analysis.

Does anyone use CATIA with DualCore processors?

Does CATIA make use of DualCore processors or
two (DUAL system) two processors ( 4U = 2 x DualCore) ?
Catia doesn't use dual cores or dual CPU's - it's a single threaded applicatiion EXCEPT for the FEA module. If you're doing FEA then you should get a dual processor workstation. Dual Opty's on a Tyan would be unbeatable. I would think 4GB would be enough though. My Co. bought an SMP workstation from Electra Computer recently with this config and it's a Ferrari-fast machine. We're getting almost twice as many iterations per/day as we were in AutoForm and Pam-Stamp.

On a budget the 4800+ would definately be your choice.

I just posted a simular ? on the admin forum...

1st let me introduce myself as I'm new to the forum. I'm a NC Programmer (contractor) currently using v4 and will be migrating to v5 in the very near future. I am in the market for a new notebook for using on the road, the mainuses will be for v5 and also multimedia (video & digital photo processing).

Will CATIA v5r16 run on a Win XP Media Center operating system?

Also, will v5r16 run on a due core processor?

Thanks, and i look forward to further participation in this forum...



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