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Does anyone have pro/engineer 2001 student edition with CD?

i'd have to agree with Nose Bleed. The user interface for 2001 is sometimes very annoying. What is your budget? If you have $200 to spare, I would just recommend getting Wildfire.
Some of us purchase software legally. Why should you make most of us law-abiding citizens pay more in the long run?
I wasn't even aware you could get it off Kazaa.... especially with the new crackdown. I do have to agree in part with Tunalover though... All my software is legal. =)
I am surpised we have so few requests here for cracked software. Have a look at the meta tags for proecentral.

go to

The go to edit>view source and you will see the following.

<meta name=keywords content=pro/engineer,pro/e,proe,proengineer,crack pro engineer,pro engineer download,pro engineer 2001,pro engineer jobs,pro/engineer free tutorials,pro/e jobs,pro/e crack,proengineer books,parametric technology corporation,pro/engineer jobs,ptc pro engineer,proe wildfire,pro engineer training,proe training,pro engineer tutorial>

When I was deciding on which meta tags to use for the site, I used Overture & WordTracker to help decide which ones would drive the most traffic to the site. Believe it or not, crack pro engineer and pro/e crack were among the most used terms people used in their search requests on the major search engines (for Pro/Engineer). So that's why they are in the meta tags.

I am also suprised we don't get more requests. However, I decided when I put the meta tags in that I would delete any posts that ask for cracks or how to hack Pro/E software. Luckily, I haven't had to do that yet. :)
Sorry Doug the message didnt come out right.

The meta tag includes keywords like pro e crack etc. and you can see it if you go to edit>view source on a home page.

Like Jason said it helps with the search engines but I thought it would have attracted more people looking for warez.


I just tried the crack keywords from your tag and overture gave no reponses. How different is word tracker? Is it more accurate or are the results usually similar?

The student version is given away for FREE at PTC classes.

It costs 200.00 for students and 300.00 for anyone else who wants it from

You may want to try sending a polite request to your PTC sales rep or the local PTC training center and they MAY be able to get you one. After all it only benefits them to have as many people trained on Pro/E as possible.


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