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Does any one know how to fix this!!!!!!!


New member
by joined do you mean tangent?

rounds arent tangent, you may need to use a boundary blend instead of a round if thats an issue.



New member
You need to increase your accuracy by lowering your accuracy value. It is in Edit, Setup, Accuracy in WF. The default is .0012. Drop it down to .0005 or lower and see what happens.


New member
This could also be a display accuracy problem. Go to View, Display Settings, Model Display. Click theEdge/Line tab and change the Edge Qualith to Very High. This will not only display curves with fewer line segments bit will also show lines as connected when you zoom in very closely.



New member
We have found that it is a line problem. We would normally import the part into surfcam and trim the lines so that they meet in the correct place. Unfortunately we no longer have surfcam. There must be a way of solving it in proe


New member
Can I ask is this imported geometry or is it a native pro/e file?

If it is imported, you could try to redefine the imported geometry and move the vertices so that they coincide. That might do it.


New member
Hi. It is native proe file. The round is variable along a tangent chain. It has been causing a few problems when machining. We want to eliminate the need to import all parts into surfcam before creating toolpaths, but it seems that the only way we can fix it is to import into surfcam and trim the lines together. Its a big problem that we have when using variable rounds but, unfortunately we have to use variable rounds.