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Do I need to be an engineer to use SW?


New member
Icurrently work in 3D using Maya and can model and animate well. I am thinking of crossing to Solidworks/Inventor to get a techincal job which is a more secure option in Norway where I live.

So the question is... doyou generally need to studyand become an engineer to get a job in this industry?

Any thoughts or suggestions would be great!



New member
Well, it really depends on what you would like to achieve using SolidWorks. If you would like to focus at pure visualization, concept-modelling or animating, you do not need specific technical studies/grades.

However, if you want to do some technical work like modelling products for manufacturing, you really need to have some knowledge about materials, their properties and applications, manufacturabilities, analysation of concepts, standardizations etc.Your experience with Maya is veryuseful for quick-modelling within SolidWorks. But for detail-work it is better to have sometraining/education focused at this point.


New member
A friend here in Norway who uses Inventor on mainly subsea/oil rig designs said a guy came to help with excess work after only learning the tools for a year, so there is hope but I understand this is rare and an engineering background is important.

Here in Norway the 3D entertainment business is hard to get into, so I'll learn SW on the side and hopefully my knowledgable friend can get me in, in a year's time


New member
In Norway is hard to learn 3D soft ? What about Romania ? (Do you know where is this country ? ). And we learn. Not necessary SW. The internet is the best source. Depending of what you wish, you can learn SW in Weeks or in years. But you must start.

Good luck !


New member
SolidWorks is a popular CAD tool utilized by more than 3 Million users across the globe. I don't think only engineer can understand SW even Youtube tutorials and other Online materials can help to learn Solidworks.

Its powerful 3D modeling and design documentation capabilities, along with the focus on ease-of-use is what makes this tool the first choice of every design engineer.

Check top 5 solidworks partner product that may help you to better understand.