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Distorted tooltiptexts..


New member
Hi all,

Since recently I use Pro/Engineer on a laptop, a Dell Precision M60.

I have this strange thing when I am running Pro/Engineer: the tooltips of the taskbar icons are all distorted. Either the tooltip rectangle (window) is too large or too small for the text it needs to display. If it is too large, the normal yellow background color of the tooltip has a black border on one or 2 sides.

Also, the tooltiptext that is displayed (when I hover the mousecursor over an icon) is the wrong one! The text shown is the tooltiptext of the adjacent icon..!

When I exit Pro/Engineer, the problem goes away.. I have it with both 2000i2 and Wildfire.

It must have something to do with the graphics card I am using and/or the graphics drivers that Pro/E uses.

The graphics card in my laptop is a nVidia Quadro FX Go700.

I'm running Windows XP Pro.

Has anyone experienced something simular? (and/or found a solution for it? :))

Kind regards



Pro/E used to have a problem with menu text if the windows Display Properties/Appearance/Item:Menu font was set to anything other than MS Sans Serif. You might want to try changing the Tool Tip font and or size.


New member
The Dell M60 is the PTC certified Lap Top if you are having a problem go straight to the source PTC or Dell