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Display of datum points and dimensioning


New member
There are two different isssues that I am looking for help with.

1) I want to show datum points in certain veiws and am not having any success. The only way I have come up is to turn on datum points and sketch a point using the desired datum point as a reference. The main problem with that is if you move a view, the sketched point stays where it was and is now in free space off of the part.

2) Some dimensions I placed between datum points will not regenerate when I open the drawing and they show up purple. I have redefined them and still have this issue when I open it or activate the drawing after having a different window active. Does anyone have any suggestions for me.



New member
for your first problem , you should use relate view command

for any skeched entity, so that skeched entity will move along with the view.

for your second problem , dimension you have given is not shown, it is cretaed. you should call shown dimension for this

but problem is that skeched entity relating that point will not move along that point.


New member
to make the point move according to the part create the point with reference to the drawing,or sue show erase command to create dimension and sketch point using dimensional reference.


1) If you put your datum points on a layer, you can use the Layers command to pick which layers to show/hide in each view... This will avoid the use of sketched points.

2) Show dimensions from the model for the location of the points - these will be true dimensions that won't turn purple.


New member
Thanks for the tips everyone. To help clarify my problem I will go into a bit more detail. The part is a die casting and draft was added. The shown dimension in some cases would be correct only at the parting line. Measuring on the parting line is unreliable because of potential flash or die mismatch. What I want is to show a dimension at some distance from the parting line(or a datum) which would be used for measurement on the CMM.

I am not familiar with cosmetic skecthes but it sounds like it may be a good solution for me. The relate view command sounds quite useful also. Thanks again.


New member
I created a cosmetic sketch in the model, but have not been able to show it on the drawing. Is there any config option to set or some trick to getting it to show?


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