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Display Edges in Black


New member
I would like to see a simple button select which can
display all edges in a part/assembly in black. There is
only a workaround for this at the moment which is
crappy.(Change part/assembly colour to black then change
all surfaces to some colour) Solid Works and Inventor
both display edges in black and it looks great when
printing out a solid view.


New member
If you go to view > display settings > model display, and then go to the shade tab, you can set the check box for shade with edges. It will display the edges in contrasting color to the color of your model.


New member
Looks like a cartoon as far as I'm concerned. I hate the way SW displays models.

Your workaround is the only way I know to get what you want. Define a mapkey that sets the colors up that way if you use it a lot.


New member
I am much more inclined to say it is not only "feeling" like Catia.

To me it faciliate navigating through patches layout and overall features and components outlook. One thing still left to me is tangnent lines display in shade mode.


New member
Maybe it looks like a cartoon but I like cartoons! Some
components I model are pretty complex with lots of edges,
using display with edges'is OK but not great, the edges are
not displayed clearly.

Another work around is to save the model as an E-Drawings
then I get dark edges plus the option of shadows
underneath. Only drawback is the views don't print as sharp
as I would like, and it takes extra work to do.

A simple button press please....