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Dimesion at the deflected condition.


New member
Hi all,

I have a query regarding Pro mechanica 2001.

I have appalied the load on a circlip. I get the deflection also. But what I am interested in is the diameter at the deflected condition.

A) Is there any method by with pro-mechanica plots a graph between the force applied and the corresponding variation of a dimension of our interest.


B) Is it possible to get a part model at the deflected condition so that we can use it check or measure some values.

Thanks in advance for your help.




The resultant dimension will not necessarily be circular. You could take three measurements and fit a circle to the deflected points (3 points define a circle) or add more points and fit a spline.


New member
Thanks Mathew,

Yes, You are right. But still, how I will be able measure the co-ordinates of those three or more points at the deflected condition.

Is it possible in mechanica to get a part at the maximum deflected stage. If so I could have put that to the assembly and verifyed it easily. Am I asking too much out of mechanica?