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Dimensions on wrong views


New member
This is a new one for me. I've got a sheet metal part with a single bend. I went to dimension it in a new drawing and the dimensions are showing up for the wrong views.

i.e., the front view dimensions appear on the right view, the right view dims on the rear view. There is some kind of disconnect, and I can't figure it out. Has anyone run into this before? I've regen'd, updated, etc. to no avail.


New member
i think its dependon the selection of bending direction and selection of the fixedside while bending. most probably due to the selection of the fixed side and bending side.

just try on that route. i think you can sort it out. best wishes.


New member
I assume you did a good old fashioned repaint of the screen? sometime on my show dims they show up in another view, but with a repaint it corrects it self.


New member
Well, the first time this happened a month ago, Cadman was right, it was a bending issue - and I forgot that I had worked it out as was recommended.

This time, it went away when I closed and reopened. I tried repainting to no avail, but it did fix itself.

Just one of those things I guess... Thanks for the tips guys...