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Dimensions going wild


New member
hey guys how you doing today

Got a question? Every once in a while I have a part and a print and I go to update the print and all the dimensions on the print go wild. They move and extend everywhere so I have to go back and move them back into place. Is therea way to get this to stop happening.

Thanks in advance


New member
I am using wildfire 2.0. but no interlink or windchill.

On the larger drawings with a lot of dimensions I use the snaps and found that it does not do it, on smaller drawings I find that trying to make snaps for everything can be quit tedious to get the dimensions were I want them. That is whay I was hoping to be able to ask if anyone else where haveing these problems and\or if there was a config option that I am not using properly.

Thank you for the response and help a head of time