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Dimensioning datum points to my csys


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Happy Holidays All!

After calculating the mass properties, I placed a datum point at the center of gravity of a solid, skull feature. I would like to assign x, y, and z coordinates to this datum point with respect to my coordinate system, which is located outside of the skull. is there an easy way of doing this? I'm working with the 2001 student version of proe.

Thank you,

Make sure you calculate the mass properties first and then you can enter these relations.




prt_csys_def is the name of the coordinate system you want to measure it from. the $ lets the value change from positve to negative if it needs to.

good luck!
errorRelation has an error.
errorRelation has an error.
errorRelation has an error.

I run mass properties but thats all i do, doesnt it need ot be added as a feature? if so I dont have bm

its not working do to the realtion error... any guess as to why?

d4:1 as you guessed is an assembly dimension number tothe point I created & the acs_def is the default cordsys

Check to see what the actual parameter names are in 2001.

The following works in Wildfire 2.0, but I don't know about 2001.

If you open the parameters, there may be a drop down box which allows you to look at the Reported Mass Properties - in there you can look at the parameter names, eg the x-coordinate of the centre of gravity is PRO_MP_COGX in wildfire 2.0.
gresat call!

parameters, reported mass properties... right on!

no the 64 dollar question, whats it mean to designate?


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