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dimension with two decimals

OK, try this.

According to the knowledge base, dimension shown with show and erase are affected by the option


Set this to 2 and see if it helps.
The model is supposed to be the part. With those two configs edit the dimension in the part to be 48.20 and that's what will display on the drawing.
To turn off the limit tol display, i.e. 48.19/48.21, and show only a single number, i.e. 48.20, set the config tol_display to no.
You might also need to set the dtl option lead_trail_zeros to both to get the 48.2 to show up as 48.20.

Besides setting tol_display to no, you could also select the dimensions and set their tolerance mode to nominal. (Select the dimensions and right click Properties.)

David Martin


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