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Dimension ID Names


New member
Most of the parts that I create use UDF features. Once I put them in
the dimension ID name for lets say the diameter will be d8(diameter).
But if I redefine the feature all the dimension ID names drops posfix
like the word (diameter) in the example above. is there a way to edit
the name and put the identifing words back in the dimension ID? We have
a translater that relie on those names to identify the feature's
dimensions. Just to let you know if I click on the dimension and edit
the name it just gives me a error saying something like undefined
symbol. Any help would be great thanks.


New member
I don't understand what ou are showing me. If I use a UDF and I click on that feature and then click Info->Feature it will list the names of the dimension for example:

d8(offset) = 1.500

d9(diameter) = 3.250

and so on. But if I redefine the UDF Feature and go back to Info->Feature it drops the (offset) and (diameter) and so on. Is there a way to add these back in?