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dimension are the same as the model

Uni Phil

New member
I have modeled a spline in a circle, but when I draw a circle around it in the drawing and try and dimension that then the diameter of the circle is completely different to how big the circle is in the model.

Is there a setting where I can either scale the dimension or import the size scale from the model.

I hope this is clear enough


Try setting adjusting the draft_scale setting in your drawing setup file. To avoid this type of problem I usually make a datum curve or cosmetic feature if additional dimensions are needed. Much less work involved when your model changes.


New member
You must attach your circle to the view where it be done.

Pick your circle (red highlight), go to edition menu and then attach to the view. Now you can dimension it.

Uni Phil

New member
It was quite wierd, I draw two circles to show the outside and inside of the spline; one of them dimensioned ok and the other came out will some really low value.

bp: I think I'm missing something fundemental when you say 'attach your circle to the view where it is done' which view, and is that in the solid model or the drawing.

Sorry if this sounds so basic


New member
I'm not at a Pro/E station but I think this is how it goes (in Wildfire drawing):

(pick draft entity) Edit > Group > Relate to View (pick view with spline)

Now your circle will be the same scale as the view.


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