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Different text Color in ProProgram


New member
Don't know if this is already an option, though I have looked for it.

I am dissapointed with ProE use of Notebook as the default program editor.

I wiuld like there to be some type of built in text editor that would allow different colored text for functions, comments, standard text, etc.

I have used many other programs that have this functionality built in, and it is very nice not only on the eyes, but to also quickly find things that need to be found.
Use the option


Browse for the application you would like to use (Wordpad, Word, etc.)

However, when you save the file, it saves it as plain text, and you will loose all of your formatting, including colors. At least you can do it temporarily.

There is also a nice Pro/PROGRAM editor from It does use different colors for the different commands. Check it out here:
I use TextPad for most of my text editing and it has customizable colored syntax highlighting built in.

I've not needed to create a syntax definition for Pro/Program, but it shouldn't take more than 30 minutes.

TextPad ships with syntax definitions for html and some others and their website has a bunch of predefined syntax definitions including ANSYS, ABAQUS, and DOS BATCH files (it's great for large batch files).

If anyone gets around to creating a Pro/Program syntax file, post it...

-Brian Adkins
To All Interested...

go to

download a FREE copy of the Context code editor

then download my copy of pro-program.chl and load it into the highlighters folder. then open context and create the association for .pls files so context can recognize them and change your to open Context rather than notepad.

and there you go, a fully customizable, color using, all around sweet code editor. if anybody needs help with this let me know.

Happy Coding...

(any changes you would like to make to your copy of pro-program.chl is ok by me. if you find something you added may be of great use, please let me know. thanks)