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Different names for same assembly part...


New member
Complete newbie here, this is my first post, I apologize in advance if this is the wrong topic for it.
Let us say I have two parts: a plate with three threaded holes (PLATE.prt.1), and a screw (SCREW.prt.1).
When I assemble these parts together, I will set up the PLATE.prt.1 as default, and I will assemble three SCREW parts in it.
The Model Tree to the left of the screen will show PLATE at the top, and underneath three SCREW parts, all having the same name (I have put together a Minimal Working Example file).
I want to change the Model Tree to show:
(or whatever naming convention the system allows) -- please see image attached.
Can I do that in CREO 3.0 or do I have to duplicate the SCREW part file in three distinct files?
Also, I do not wish to use anything like PATTERN or other mechanism as such, I just want to know if there is a possibility to give the same part, used repeatedly, a different name under CREO assembly Model Tree.
Or mark it somehow differently, even without it being visible, like one could hover with the mouse over the part and a balloon with a description might pop up to tell you it is the LEFT or the RIGHT one.
I have assemblies with hundreds of parts, and it is damn near impossible to tell them apart unless one uses different names -- I reckon I should not be the first guy to have this problem...
Thank you for your help and patience,


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