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Different colour dimension lines

Uni Phil

New member
Why is that when I change the tollerances under properties of each dimension does the colour sometimes change to green?

Also once I have changed a part in modelling, after I have drawn an orthographic does some of the dimensions turn purple in the drawing?

I thought it may have something to do with clashes in tollerances but have looked through them and can't see anything wrong.
In WF, the dimensions turn to green when the values are out of date with the model. In other words, you need to regenerate. (In 2001 the dimensions turn white.)

Purple dimensions mean your model has changed such that created dimensions have lost their references, so you'll probably need to delete those dimensions and re-create them.

Dave Martin
The purple dim is a dim that was created by you in drawing mode and that feature you are referencing it to has been removed or deleted or has changed dramatically.

Generally you can reassign the dim leaders by right clicking on the 'purple dim' and then reassigh the leaders.

Don't quite know off hand if it is called reassign or something like that

Hope this helps

Tony Jager


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