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Different color regions


New member
Hi, I'm new to the stuff so I bow my head before the rendering proffesionals. How can I define on parts regions that would later be assigned different colors? A beer cap logo for instance, comprising several geometrical areas, texts and so on. That would be without extruding anything or creating new features like quilts. I tried sketching my design as cosmetic, but then Pro Appearance Editor did not allow me to select the regions created inside the sketch. Can I use different "paints" for sketched different loops?


New member
there are a couple of ways of doing itreally...

I read a tutorial one by John Randazzo (I hope I spelled his name right, sorry John if not!
) and what he suggessted was to create an offset of the surface (very small amount, like say .1mm), then sketch on top of that the shape that you want to colour and trim the surface..

I'll see if I can find the tutorial, I think it was in profiles mag..


there is a new one here as well, havent read it yet though..


hope this helps



New member
Thanks for the links for now. It is a pitty, but the browser could not retrieve the URL's. What is inconvenient regading the surface trimming is that a certain surface cannot be trimmed with several loops at a time. Let's say you spelled a word and you want to trim a surface with it. You are allowed one active loop (an "n" or an "r" for instance"), and the rest is gone. So, though working, this method proves too painstaking and unreliable for more than a few loops.

Have a nice weekend and thanks again for your post. Adrian


New member
here is a workaround to you problem.. pretty easy if it's planar, gets a bit trickier for a curved surface..

simply create you surface thatyou want to trim, create your sketched text using sketch/text from within sketcher.

then simply extrude the text as a surface and select remove material!


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New member
Adrian, are you trying to put a logo or artwork on the surface? If so, within the Appearance Editor you can place a "decal" (a jpg, tiff, or bmp) and then size it to fit the area.

Hope this helps



New member
Thank you both for your advices!

I could not follow Jim's advice as I do not own a good quality picture of the Heineken cap logo (yes, I modelled a Heineken cap), but thanks for the tip.

What I actually did was creating an offsetquilt over the partand then making a surface cut through the quilt thusly created. I chose keeping both sides of the cut (which was quite complex, see picture). The result of such a quilt cut is two regions that can each be independenly colored. The thing is that I needed three colors, and so I had to make one more cut besides the first one in order to allow for yet one more region to receive a different coloration.

View attachment 833

So..one needs (the number of desired colors - 1) quilt cuts to paint whatever wanted using this method.

You saw the result. The entire process was a bit too intricate and it's really a pitty that no easier and more simplier workaround was included in Pro as a native function. Please notify if finding better ways to use colors.

By the way, does anyone know how I could find a free library of materials (bumps and textures) to use for rendering? Thanks,



New member

Very nice indeed! Your method does work well, I havein fact used that a few times myself..

as for the Heineken picture.. Buy a bottle and take a picture! bit of photoshop, bring it in to ProE rescale it, position it and apply it as planar instead of parametric (you may need to add a green boarder to the image in photoshop before you do it) done!

as for the texture ibrary...

http://textures.forrest.cz is a pretty good one! and it's free!


New member

Looks like you got it, one way or another.

Very nice, now is this in photorender, or did you use something like 3DMax?



New member
Thank you so much for your appreciation. No, it's 100 percent Pro. It's not the plain photo render though, actually it's the Photolux module that I used.



New member
Very nice work Adrian

Is exactly what i did in the past

I create the surfaces for each diferent colors i must assigned with different layer

What i have like texturesi can send you ifyou have private e mail adress


Just try to find textures for 3D MAX
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PS i ai facut praf

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New member
I find that the duration of rendering time for Pro-E is excruciating. Does anyone else have this problem? In addition: if anything is screwed up in your rendering definition you have to wait all over again to fix it. It's so bad that my group has switched to CD4 for rendering (an european 3D studio knockoff).

We are still using WF1, is that part of the problem. I've been told by those "in the know" that I could spend days doing in Pro-E what would take hours in any other rendering program.


New member
Create a new color appearance with Heineken logo is another pretty way for this situation?did anybody try it before?