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Diff textstyle in note


New member
Dear all,

I have received a drw from customer. in that a note they have made it in diff text style in single note can any body tell

me how can I modify this ?


did you try to click on the note, right click>properties, go to the text style and change the style from the character font window ?


My problem is that I need to change the diff style for each word. ( now it is already diff style is there (received from customer) if I right click it style shows as is.)

if I change it whole note changes in one style.
try this :

Format > Text style and pick the word you want > Done Sel and change the font from the text style window.

The system with this way allows you to change each word separately.

hope this helps


I Tried Format>Text Style and pick a word in the note but it change the the hole line. I have 2001. Is there a setting that I need to set ?
I usually go into an ascii text editor & use the old formatting commands {1:some text}{2:more text} to break up the note where I want the text style to change. Then it is easy to select these strings within the note and use Format/Text Style. Old habits die hard I guess.

You may also try to set in the

pro_font_dir >> browse and select windows font directory.

For me many times it had been succesful.


To vinhdnguyen,

I am also in ProE 2001 and did it very well. About a somesetting I don't know.



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