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Diamond Knurling


New member

I'm trying to create a diamond knurl on a cylinder (computer is half way out the window as I'm typing!!), but am having problems following the Suggested Technique for Creating Knurling on a Cylindrical Surfacefrom the PTC site. When I try to pattern the helical sweep, I can't find the angle dimension from the datum. Failing this, anyone know anywhere I can view a model of a knurl so I can pick up some tips? Please help....

Thanks, Lesley


New member
Just out of curiosity, did you use a Make Datum at an angle as your reference plane? That is what it sounds like to me.


New member
Your datum for the patterned helical sweep can't be a fixed datum, but one created on the fly, using an existing datum to create the datum at the angle dimension. Use the cylindrical surface or the cylinder's axis to create a through datum then use one of the paralleldatum planes(one that the axis is NOT normal to) to use as an (angled?) offset.


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