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Diamond Knurling


New member

I'm trying to create a diamond knurl on a cylinder (computer is half way out the window as I'm typing!!), but am having problems following the Suggested Technique for Creating Knurling on a Cylindrical Surfacefrom the PTC site. When I try to pattern the helical sweep, I can't find the angle dimension from the datum. Failing this, anyone know anywhere I can view a model of a knurl so I can pick up some tips? Please help....

Thanks, Lesley
Just out of curiosity, did you use a Make Datum at an angle as your reference plane? That is what it sounds like to me.
Your datum for the patterned helical sweep can't be a fixed datum, but one created on the fly, using an existing datum to create the datum at the angle dimension. Use the cylindrical surface or the cylinder's axis to create a through datum then use one of the paralleldatum planes(one that the axis is NOT normal to) to use as an (angled?) offset.
why not try torrodial bend !!!

it's easy to create a pattern & the bend is not too difficult i guess??


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