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Diagonal Edge Rip Technique Required


New member
Further to my reply to Eugend, I am still having trouble modelling a Locker Fold corner, where three folds meet and the sheet is ripped diagonally. I can create this using offset points but the flat pattern makes machining difficult.

I have tried to create the corner with No Relief but the sheet metal conversation fails...

Any ideas?
Hi, I am not sure exactly what you mean by 'Locker Fold' but I have had a guess that it could be a corner of a box which has a flange on the top and another flange of that.

So, I started with a solid part, put rounds on the outside 3 corners and the inside 2 but not inside short corner.

I think it would be easier if I send you the part!!!

The part is then shelled and turned into sheet.

Then I made a solid cube cut 2 x the thickness of the sheet on the outside corner.

The rip can then be created from the inside corner (no round) to the corner of the cut.

Because there is no round on the inside the rip turns it into an edge to edge corner.

err... very sorry about this poor explination!



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