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Developed part dimensioning problems


New member
Hello all,

Why on this earth Pro/E would not allow to create a dimension between two sides of the same sheetmetal part, which form an obtuse angle.

I use the part in a Simplified Representation and the final part on the same drawing and I want to show the developed part as well as the part (with the features I need on it) on the same drawing.

Any ways around it?

I used a drawing line to create what I needed but I think this is awkward.


Sometimes when dimensioning in Pro/E, Pro will choose the end of an entity and not the line itself. Zoom up close to choose your entities. This may fix your situation.
Are the simplified rep. and final part (master rep?)in (2) different views on the drawing?

Try putting the reps of the part in an assembly together. Then add that assembly to the drawing.