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Detailing Simplified Reps.


New member
I make alot of complex piping assemblies and when I detail individual components in the assembly I create a simplified rep to isolate the part(s) I wish to detail individually. However, when in drawing mode the window / pick box for the simplified rep outlines the whole assembly and not just the part I am trying to detail. This becomes very problematic when I'm trying to isolate small componenent and am showing many views of many different parts / sub assemblies on the same sheet. Overlapping pick boxes become a nightmare very fast.

Is there anyway to change the window outline so it only borders the parts in the simplified rep and not the entire assembly?

The window outline is sized by the bounding box of the assembly, not what is shown. This makes your simplified rep for a single part a bad idea.

If you want to detail an individual part, add the part to the drawing as a separate drawing model. Then place a view of the individual part and detail it.
Hi, Biflic,

I have been looking for a way to show the pipe bend points co-ordinates and radii in the drawing prametrically.

I thought you can help me in this cause as you are in complex piping assemblies. How do you tackle this problem.We enter the point co-ordinates mannually, which is a tidius process and occasionally we commit mistakes. the number of decimals we use are 3 for each ordinate.

Any suggetions will be of great help.



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