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detailing of developed length


New member
while detailing the developed length for any sheetmetal part

i have to specify many points on the circumference of the part

and then i have to specify the X and Y coordinates for those points.

this is process is ok but sometimes if the length is large then the drawing becomes to congested to accomodate all the dimensions.

to keep the drawing clean i enter all the dimensional values on an excel sheet .

this is where i face the problem because it is very time consuming and tedeous job.

now my question is Is there a option in pro e 2001 so that i can get a table of the dimensional values as i creat them in the drawing the table should specify the X Y coordinates of each point .

OR is there some other method of detailing sheet developement which is faster .


New member
If you have a flat state drawing you can change to ordinate dimensions. Its not well documented but you can do it.



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