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Detail View - Wildfire


New member
I was woundering if anyone has seen this before. When I insert a detail view, the created view appers incorrectly, almost like it is offset from the detail balloon...see image

could someone try to make a detail view in wildfire to see if the same result is present.

View attachment 18


Do you have any view simplify operations in the drawing? Or simplified reps or family table instances? Or dependent mirrored/copied features?


New member
I have been having the same problem. The details were actually working for me for awhile, but lately they all come out undistinguishable.


New member
We have the same problem.

Here are the steps we use:

1> Click Redraw (if that doesn't work)

2>Save, close the window and reopen (if that doesn't work)

3>Save, clowe the window erase not displayed and reopen the window.

4> Save and close Pro/e



New member
Have the same issue...after detailed view is inserted right click and select Update Sheet. This will redraw as well as regenerate everything.


New member
there is no solution on that.

try to recreate the view or (better) try to update your software with the latest datecode from PTC