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Design Animation Option


New member
Has anyone used the Design Animation Option package for Pro/E? Looking for feedback on the quality of animations, ease of use, and ease or difficulty of making complex animation of assemblies like automotive transmissions.

Design Animation takes a bit of getting used to (it's not as easy to use as IPA, for example), but once you get the hang of it, it can be a powerful tool.

When your assemblies are put together using Connections (with Mechanism Design), the animations are easier to create...

There's a description & example of Design Animation on the PTC KDB (a/c req.):

There are also a couple of Mechanism tutorials at:


Problem with Design Animation is that it interpolates between your snapshots. Sometimes it doesn't do what you had in mind. Tip: keep it simple. It is indeed easier to put together using your connections from MDX, but DA does not use you're drivers (servomotors) created in MDX.


You can build the assy with relations to increment or freeze each movement on a time basis, then use B+W simple kinematics to regenerate the model on the time basis.

B+W simple kinematics can playback or capture, but the capture from pro-e is best with Camtasia. This technique is the most sucessful for high levels of accuracy, even meshing gear teeth! See atlanta 2002 pro/user conf Gears and Things or mail me back - cheers


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