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Depth of cut causes regen failure


New member
I don't know if you'll be able to make it out but the attached JPEG should show a depth of cut of 2.068. I'd like to change this to .40 but anything smaller than the current value causes a regen failure with the message - Could not intersect part with feature. The sketch for the cut is on the front surface. Interestingly the part is a symetrical extrusion (#create #extrusion #both sides #blind) and the same feature on the other end works just fine.

View attachment 99

I'll try to attach the part file to this message.

Bernie Hayden

The could not intersect part with feature can sometimes be misleading. If the sketch is partially open (untrimmed corners) or incomplete in any way, you can get the above message. If you are sure your sketching plane is completely on the part, I would look at the sketch itself.
I changed the accuracy from relative to absolute with an absolute accuracy of 1.6024e-04 which the system gave me as a default. The change in accuracy repaired the geom checks in the part. I could then change the depth of the cut.

This remark is personal preference. Copied or mirrored geometry can lead to trouble. At the same time you created feature 20, you could have sketched a centerline on the TOP datum and mirrored the sketched geometry around the centerline, thus creating 1 cut feature with only 1 set of dimensions.