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Dependent becomes independent. Why?


New member
Please help me!!

I've made a gear in pro e 200oi,now I'm using wild fire 2. The dependent curves that I've made in 2000i becomes independent.

I/ve made a involute curve and then I've made copies of it(dependent).Trying the same tehnique in wildfire2 let me without words.The curves are not dependent(the option i've used for creating a copy .. edit->feature operation->copy and from here is the same...) but when i modify the first parameters the new ones won't modify.Also I've made a feature analisys(angle between a curve and a plane,modifiing the dimensino of the curve sould modify the angle and sould modify the copied curves,but also nothing change(the copied curves are copied whit an angle between them: alfa=angle:fid_measure+15) Alfa sould increes or decrees depending of the analysis made up but againg nothing happends....

What souldI do?

Excuse my english


New member
Yes i.ve tryed also paste special.My only chance is to open an old part made in pro e 2000i and hope there I'be made the curves dependent and use them!!! now!!! I've ttryed everything but I can't understand why it lose the dependent properties.