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Dependent and Independent feature(s)


New member
Is there a way I can list which features are dependent or independent of the orginal feature(s). For example, I have part that contained alots of features that were created using copy. I can't figure out which features are dependent or independent.


New member
very good question. i have wondered this myself.

you can REDEFINE the copied feature. it will then send up a waring that says it is a dependent copy, and that redefining further will remove dependency. if it is not a dependent copy, you will not receive this message.

this is probably not the answer you are looking for though. i don't know of a way to say, for example, add a column to the model tree to show dependency.

i'll try an figure something out.


New member
First of all, thanks for your reply. I have used that same techniques with the refine as you suggested. One thing, I noticed is that the warning message about removing dependent only apply when you redefine the sketch section. It's doesn't give you that message when you refine the feature height or depth (maybe I'm wrong).