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density set up


New member
hi everyone,

i want to change the current default units of measure within the density set up of a part. The units at present are tonne / mm^3 is it possible to change this to g/cm^3 I can't seem to find anything in the help.




Active member
I think Rob wants the default density value to be set by himself. If you set units to be mmns in part and assembly templates, the default density the system takes is 1 Tonne/mm^3 while for steel , the most common material, is 7.86e-9 Tonne/mm^3

Can't we set the default value to be 7.86e-9 or multiple of 1e-9 which is more natural.

If you set the units to be cm-gm-sec then one has to change the default templates for part and assembly and often it is not desired.



New member
You can define your material files in the units cm-gm-sec and have your models in mm-kg-sec (or any other) and the units will convert (you get asked) when you apply the material to your model.