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Dell Xeon/Matrox-card with ProE WF2.0


New member
Hi, I'm about to upgrade my Dell SC1420 with 3Ghz single Xeon and 512MB Ram and 265Mb Matrox Parhellia grafic-card.

My question is what I next should spend my cash on to upgrade this computer. More RAM or another processor?

I'm a student and I need to think twice about were I put my cash.

I have another 1Gb of RAM comming in next month. But I'll working some this summer and I wish to spend someofthis money on further improvingmy Mechanica analysis power.

(I ONLY usethe Dellfor ProE, all other thing I do on my Apple Powerbook, as I'm totally in love with Mac OS X :) and the fact that I cant afford to loose any school material in a virus accident)
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