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Dell M70 vs. Dell XPS Gen 2


New member
I am upgrading from my Inspiron 8000 to a new Dell notebook. PTC supports the Dell M70 for ProWildfire 3.0, but I am tempted to buy the Dell XPS Gen 2 for increased video performance even though PTC doesn't officially support it. Has anyone tried using Wildfire and Mechanica on the XPS Gen 2 with good success? Any advice? The M70 uses the 256MB NVIDIA Quadro GoGL1440 (openGL support is specifically mentioned)while the XPS uses the 256 MB NVIDIA GeForce Go6800 Ultra (openGl support isnot sp[ecifically mentioned). Thanks, Mark


Try looking on this site:


I think you will have to modify the Go6800 Ultra drivers. On some of the newer cards, it is not possible (at least not yet) to get them to work. I would stick with the M70 myself. Not worth the trouble.