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Deleting old versions of proe files.


New member
i have been deleting old versions of proe files using a windows function 'purge' with just a right click on the explorer. i recently got myself a system with proe installed. but i donno how to call out that function into my window pulldown text. i'm running proe on windows xp home.. those versioned files are taking a lot of space and deleting old versions one by one is taking whole lot of my time!!! anyone can guide me to this??

thanks in advance...
Call the model you want to purge into session then use the file;delete old files command. I believe as long as you are not using Intralink this works.
I use Pro-E/window/open system window/ then type purge, this purges old version files from your set working directory without opening them.

Good Luck

I use this great little program called CGN Purge. The best thing is that its free!! You can save versions of the parts, specifying how many you want to keep. This is great because I don't want to delete ALL versions. I want to keep a couple. You can also tell it to delete different extentions (like crc, inf, etc....). You can select different drives and save your purges so you can open them later and have all of your settings there. It lightweight but does a great job.

Download it from ProUser:


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