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Definitions of words like feature, protrusion etc….

I must translate work feature on my language. How to do that when I cant find any definition. I know what that mean, but I want to check my knowledge, and I cant afford to make mistakes in something like writing lessons. After writing them I will make video tutorials, and after that I will make book. Do somebody have those words in some pdf, or doc file
You are going to have problems with common dictionary definitions since a) there multiple words that are spelled the same (feature is both a noun and a verb), b) there are multiple definitions for each word, c) technical definitions are not usually given.

You are looking for very narrow CAD specific definitions, I don't think you could even get the major CAD companies to agree on the meaning of many of these terms.

Scroll down to some of the computer definitions, they may be a little closer to what you want.
Did you check out other CAD training manuals either PTC's or some independants? I'm sure someone has taken the time to create create these definitions.
Could you not access the foreign language support pages from PTC?

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Branch Rickey
PTC's Intro to Pro/E class manual is a good resource, if you have it. I've seen some on Ebay before.

For example, from PTC's Introduction to Pro/ENGINEER 2001, Chapter 5: