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Defining Mech. in CATIA V5 DMU Kinematics


New member
This simple tips may help you in defining Kinematics Mechanism.
First of all, after you launch CATIA DMU Kinematics. You should define CAT Product which is consists of several Parts (more than one Part).

Under the specification tree, You'll see an Application. Then Right Click to define the new mechanism. Then you should define Fix Part, also Command that will generate the type of motion you've defined by applying the type of Join (Insert>New Joint>Select).

Finally you can show the Simulation you've just made by inserting into Simulation dialog Box.

Enjoy it!

Best Regard,

When attempting to TRACE an element, I get a message saying "There is no object to trace out in the current product." WhenI right click on INSERT, Object is underintensified. Any suggestions?
Hi All..

I'm a new user of CATIA,
I want to study and learn it
Anybody have CATIA tutorial, could ahared with me

Thank's and Regards

I have catia materials including the followings:

catia v5 r17 sp3 Software 2CD
catia v5 r17 Help document 4CD
CATIA v5r17 Training 20CD
catia v5 A-class surfaces, Reverse engineering,advanced video courses with demonstrations of car 15CD .
Otherwise there are some other training courses,20CD.

These CDs are not for free. If anyone needs, please email to [email protected].

The above URL are just part of demostrations. This is my e-shop.
To use Trace in Kinematics u have to define a law (usualy between KinTime and an angle or length). only after u have created the law u can use trace


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