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Defining Dimensions?


New member
I was just wondering how to specify what dimensions you want to
use. For instance, I know the angle, so in sketcher mode I want
to be able to just use that angle, and not use trig to figure out my
lengths and widths. Thanks!


New member
I don't fully understand your question, but in general you want to dimension in sketcher the way the part will be dimensioned in the drawing. This is not easy to do because you don't always know how the part needs to be dimensioned that early in the design. FYI, this is atouchy subject that many people have many thoughts on.

Also, dimension what youwant and pro/e won't care until you overconstrain the sketch.

If you explain your needs in more detail, perhapsthe forumcan provide a better answer.


New member
Well this is for a class... I'm not designing yet.

I'm making a long threaded bar, with an angled tip at the end.
After I draw the approximate design, I start to plug in my
values. After I drew the angled part, it just gave me a height
and a width. I know I can just use some trig and figure those out
so that I can get the right angle, however I know there's a way to
specify the angle I want, and get rid of the length and width of the

I've been using the define dimension button, however I can't get it to
work. I click on the two line segments I want the angle to be
between, and nothing happens. I tried deleting the length and
width and then doing this, but same results.


New member
I'm assuming you're in sketcher..click the dimension button, select the two lines and press Enter or use your middle mouse button (MMB). This will allow you to dimension between any two entities.

Shame on your instructor -this should have been one of the the first things taught in sketcher. :)


New member
Awesome! Thank you.

My problem is I have a copy of Wildfire... and my book is for Pro E 2001... It's getting quite frustrating.