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default working directory


New member
which option sets a default working for Pro/E to open in every time. As well, I have set a default colormap directory (pro_colormap_path) but it does not default to this. could this be because I am a client to a liscense server and there is a dominating file somewhere else. thanks.
I don't know how to set the default working directory, I would like to know how to do that as well. I do know your colormap file just needs to be in the right directory. This will vary slightly on everyones machine but it needs to be in the bin directory where proe is installed. For me it looks like this:

If you're using Windows, right-click your mouse on the Pro/E icon and Program manager click and set your start-in directory.
i am running win xp... i tried what you said dougr, but that option doesn't exist. does this have something to do with me having the student edition?
The option is:

start_model_dir (this should be good for UNIX too).

Not sure what the trail file directory has to do with working directory..
I put my .map file in the bin directory and it still does not autoload. any reason? again I work off a floating license.
You can tell Pro/E through a option,as of which directory it should look in when you choose File->Open.

The option I am talking about goes here...


The values you can set and their brief description goes here

working_directoy - search working directory

in_session - search objects in current session

Pro-library - use only if Pro/LIBRARY is installed

workspace - use only if Pro/INTRALINK is installed

commonspace - use only if Pro/INTRALINK is installed

Dwaraka N Reddy,RANN VISION,Hyderabad.India


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