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Default Font for Datum Curve Text


New member
I am creating Filled Text using sketched datum curves with a selected font, from the fonts available in ProE, and select display X-hatching in a model.

I change the hatch spacing to a value of .001 in the drawing.

The default values that seem to be within ProE are a font called font3d in the model and a hatch spacing of .3400 in the drawing.

Where do I set these, to the values I want ?

I would think there is a setting for the default font -

and a setting in the drawing setup file for the hatching?

I've seen others ask similar - but I think those refer to dimensions - and they only point to a directory.

Thanks -
I don't know any config setting for default hatching.

By the way, you can probably get solid fill looking plotting with something more like .008 (depending on your pen width settings) and it will draw the screen faster since there are 1/8 as many hatch lines.

We use this process for creating the positive for silkscreens -

If we use too wide of spacing (.008 is on the wide side) there are small gaps between the lines (and they do show up when you hold it up to a light) and we can't get a good screen made.

I have not tried thicker lines - it seemed to me the thiner the line, the shaper the image would be.

When PTC was training us ... they really didn't seem to know how we can achieve these drawings. This has been an issue for us that we just kind of stumble along.

I can't believe PTC hasn't ran into someone else that does this the same way.

We bought solid filled fonts for use in AutoCAD but they are not .ttf's (HB.shx, HB-LD.shx, HL-HD.shx) to name a few.

Thanks for you input -